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Balance exercise and rest!

We’ve all heard that movement is medicine and plenty of studies show that regular exercise can prolong your life and improve it. I’m also a big advocate for building and working from a strong foundation – your core is the center of your fitness universe. So, strive for quantity, quality, and variety in all of your workouts!

And did you know rest is just as important as your workout? Your body needs time to recover and rebuild. So, make sure you plan ahead and add downtime to your calendar.

Any advice or suggestions offered herein are not a replacement for medical advice from a physician or other healthcare professional. My content is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Get up and get moving!

You’ve got to get into the mindset of wanting to get up and get moving. Make sure you spend some time finding out why you want to be healthy and get physically fit. Having a vision will help you create goals. And when you write your goals down, you are more likely to follow through. The following list includes some quick tips to get you into the movement mindset.

PLAN: Create margins for rest and schedule exercise blocks.
PREP: Lay out your clothes, shoes, and tools for success.
PARCEL: Get more out of exercise in less time.
PLAY: Mix it up! Add variety to your routine.

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Start moving right now!

Don’t just sit and think about exercise. Start right now! If you don’t know where to begin, begin with a breath. Start actively moving your neck by looking over your shoulders. Stretch your spine by sitting tall, or reaching overhead. Start taking your first step literally by stepping outside of your home.

Try some foundational exercises to help you begin that body and mind connection. You can vary your reps, sets, and resistance to improve strength, endurance, and coordination.

Which core exercises will you add to your routine?

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