How do parents start the conversation about pelvic health?

Too Much Information

I’ve got bins full of scrap paper with ideas for starting and presenting my blog. Hours of reading through How to Start A Blog blogs are logged in. The deer-in-headlights reaction is all I can muster when sifting through the mountains of available information. 

All this to say that I really just wanted a creative outlet to express and contribute to the larger conversation on how parents can communicate effectively with their kids.

As mothers and fathers, how can we help our children avoid mistakes we make due to a lack of quality information? Can we decipher professional jargon accurately? 

Start Simply by Sharing

How about we start by sitting and sharing our experiences with other parents. We can support each other through the difficult conversations we should have with our kids!

Talking about pelvic health can be tricky for most parents. How do you begin to explain the function of the pelvis and all the organs in it? Parents often ignore talking about his area, and it will forever remain the nether region.

There are many schools of thought and advice are on potty training – a parent can go crazy researching the best strategy! And I have yet to come across a parent who can easily talk about sex with their kids.

Begin with Conversation

Instead of randomly picking the next buzz topic in pelvic health, I’ll share conversations I’ve had with parents about pelvic health and function. And we’ll discuss how to talk about it with kids.

I want this project to be fun and organic. Which means I may go down a few rabbit holes and explore for a while. Or get redirected by any of my readers if they find an exciting lead.

My three kids, two pre-teen sons and a younger daughter, motivate me. I’ve always been open and nonchalant when talking about anatomy and physiology. Oh, the benefits of having a pelvic floor physical therapist for a mom! 

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

And now they are beginning to turn into teenagers and are heavily influenced by their peers! It’s like, they forgot everything we discussed about respecting ourselves and our private anatomy.

The wide range of reactions my friends make on the topic of pelvic health and sex is also astounding! And I have reacted to their response in sadness, with laughter, and everything in between – but always remaining a supportive friend. Some of us think it would make for a great podcast!

For now, I only have some time to write on these ideas . . .

My work has led me to study breathing mechanics and the effects on the pelvic floor. So, let’s begin with understanding our anatomy and normal physiology.

How does breathing affect your pelvic floor? . . .

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