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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist: Yolanda Tsang, PT – Combining Care & Passion

Spotlight: Yolanda Tsang PT

Yolanda Tsang has been a physiotherapist since 1993 with additional training and certifications in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions, Pilates, Yoga, TRX, and fitness instruction. From New Zealand to South Africa, Yolanda has worked in alternative therapy clinics and professional sports teams.

In 2002, she developed a rehabilitation program that blended the principles of Pilates and Yoga and created ‘Yolates.’

This new program incorporates a sequence of exercises to balance the mind and the body. Yolanda has combined all her passions and training to create a unique and comprehensive holistic care experience for her clients.

As a strong advocate for holistic wellness and women’s health, she stays involved with facilitating Yolates classes that include ‘Mom and Baby’ and ‘Prenatal’ classes.

Yo and Vaginia - Knowing, Caring, and Loving your Lady Parts
Yo and Vaginia – Knowing, Caring, and Loving your Lady Parts

Recently, she launched her new YouTube channel, Yo and Vaginia – Knowing, Caring, and Loving your Lady Parts. Yolanda releases a new video every Saturday morning. And she is on a mission to debunk myths of what’s normal and what’s not while talking about taboo subjects related to women’s health issues.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Yolanda! I searched through social media looking for professionals that share the same passion in women’s health and pelvic health care as I do. There are many of us carrying the torch and shedding light on these essential yet taboo topics.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by Yoga asanas and Thomas W. Meyers’ Anatomy Trains. I included ‘yoga’ in my search for pelvic health professionals that would provide additional insight into treating urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunctions using movement therapy. 

Yolanda came up to the top of my search list. I found more of her awesomely informative and entertaining content as I investigated further. She graciously jumped at the opportunity to share her passion with me when I asked for an interview. I’m sure you’ll enjoy and learn from her as much as I did!

Why did you decide to be a physical therapist? And how did you get into pelvic health therapy?

I became a PT after being injured playing field hockey. I was very athletic and the sports focus at the time grabbed my attention (ironically, prior to this, I volunteered as a PT in a hospital and decided PT was not for me, but the physiotherapist did not inform me of the different areas of PT you could explore!)

After years of working with the MOM and baby population (I love kids and babies), I got into pelvic health and saw a need for treatment in this tabooed and unspoken territory. I also wanted to share my knowledge and make more of a difference in changing people’s lives. I wanted to specialize, focus, and be ‘really good’ in one area – as we know, the body is so complicated.

I would have considered myself a good PT, but I wanted to be really good – so I focused on one area. I love working with women and I think we are amazing. How resilient and strong we are – having babies, hormones… the works! And still thrive and live longer than our male counterparts (going on a tangent here!) 

Yolanda Tsang, PT with her young daughter.

What type of client or condition are you most passionate about? Or, what is the best part of your job as a physiotherapist?

I love working with all my clients (men and women, although most of my clientele are women), particularly those with pelvic pain. Imagine never having pain-free sex or enjoying it? The difference you make in these people’s lives makes my day. They are so internally grateful as are their partners! 

Also, it’s very challenging and complex, both physically and psychologically, particularly with teenagers and women in their 20s and 30s. I also love learning from my clients (from any decade of life) who share so much with me! I love when clients call me and tell me they had sex 5 times with no pain, LOL!

I also love working with my new moms to help them pave their paths and optimize their pelvic health. And, of course, they bring their babies to the clinic, which brings so much joy and wonderful memories for me!  

The best part of my job is making a difference in people’s lives while focusing on what I love. And I enjoy the flexibility of my job as a self-proprietor. It’s enabled me to spend lots of time with my kids when they need me most!

Yolanda Tsang, PT with her infant daughter.

While working with a client, how do you structure your PT sessions? And, what is your practice philosophy?

I structure my sessions with holistic assessment and treatment in mind because it’s such a vulnerable area. My priority is to create a warm, safe, trusting environment, allow calming, healing, and create that rapport with my client to facilitate healing. I exude passion as I believe integrity heals.

My clients feel that I really care and love what I do. I always treat their whole body (mind and soul!). Although we are not psychologists, we listen, we care, and that heals, too. Stress affects the whole body – especially the pelvic floor!  

I do postural, breathing, functional stability, visceral assessment, and internal assessments with all of my clients.  

I let clients tell me how to proceed and usually feel their reluctance or acceptance of treatment (more internal part). I always make sure they are comfortable and can ask any questions.  

I also implement functional integration and progress with Yoga/Pilates modifications. Pilates is definitely my baby and I love incorporating it!  

Considering finding the right healthcare team, treatment options, or motivation, what advice do you like sharing with your clients?

Find someone, or a team, that works for you. Someone who is knowledgeable about their area of care and passionate and treats you holistically. This person has to listen to your concerns. They are there for you and take the time needed.

All PTs should do hands-on work (that’s my beef, BTW), and if they don’t do some sort of manual therapy, you are likely not having optimal treatment! Someone who works with you on your goals to achieve what you want from therapy. Everyone is different. You should be treated as an individual.

Rapid Fire Fun! 

How do you start your day?

With my hearty breakfast! – a mixture of hemp, flax, turmeric, chia, cinnamon, cacao, collagen power (secret!) … blended in yogurt, almond milk, fruit, and nuts. I’m not a morning person… so my intention is to start the day with Yoga.. which usually doesn’t work out all the time! LOL

Cats or dogs?

Dogs… puppies are to die for and the cuddles… Unconditional love! 

Favorite food?


Winter or summer?


Book recommendation?

Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection.

What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Relish the small things in life with things that make you smile from within and warm your heart. Enjoy your kids as they grow up so fast… and focus on the small stuff you tend to overlook. Live life to the fullest! ‘Adversity builds character’ has always been my motto! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Yolanda!

You can connect with Yo and Vaginia on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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