How do vaginal weights help my incontinence?

Vaginal weights are used to treat stress urinary incontinence.

The weights are inserted vaginally and are heavy enough to provide a small force against your pelvic floor muscles. Your muscles counteract the weights by contracting and resisting the weights from falling out of the vagina.

Not dropping the weights simulates stopping your pee mid-stream or from passing gas. The cones are small and easy to insert.

Several brands of vaginal weights can be found. Check out the online reviews written by real users to help you decide which brand might be more comfortable for you to use.

Because vaginas come in all shapes in sizes, so do vaginal weights.

Vaginal weights are easy to use, with a little practice!

When you can easily hold a weight in place, you progress to the next level of weight. Just don’t take the chance (unless you want the challenge) and keep your panties on! If you find yourself too weak to hold the cone in, it won’t have far to fall. 

It is generally recommended that you hold each weight for up to 15 minutes twice each day and claims improved bladder control in 4 to 6 weeks.

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