Am I squeezing my pelvic floor muscles the right way?

neen Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator

How do you use it?

  1. You insert the bulb vaginally and leave the wand or flag outside the vulva.
  2. When you contract your pelvic floor correctly, the wand points down.
  3. If you bear down, the wand points up.
  4. The wand may not move, indicating a weak pelvic floor, or you’re just not contracting the right group of muscles.

Simple to Use Exerciser with Options

In a world increasingly growing high-tech, the Educator is a relatively low-tech device.

  • You can use it as a piece of exercise equipment to build up your pelvic floor strength.
  • Or, use it as a biofeedback device to show you whether you are contracting your pelvic floor correctly.
  • Although not designed as a habituation tool, you can use it as a dilator to help relieve pelvic pain.

It’s designed to be used by a single patient at home or in the clinic. What’s nice about the Educator is that it is small and discreet. Like a connector set toy, you can snap it together when you need it then break it down and store it away easily.

Link to product here.

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